Thursday, May 10, 2012

Praying Scripture of our Children ~ 4 Book recommendations

Praying Scripture is praying God's words... God's promises... back to Him.

As we approach the end of our 6th year of homeschooling, I am encouraging my 4 students to finish strong! And I am doing so today using this verse...

Dear Lord, may ___ be strong and courageous and get to work. May ___ not be frightened by the size of the task, for You, Lord God are with ____; You will not forsake ___. You will see that everything is finished correctly. (1 Chronicles 28:20)
There are times when every parent needs to find a quiet prayer spot to bring to the Lord the needs and worries on their hearts in regards to their children. These are 4 of the books I go to for those prompts and to remind myself of His need for trust...

A book like this, beside a bed, is a wonderful reminder each night to pray for our children. What are your favorite prayers or resources for praying for your children? Please share them in the comments.

Also, let the children know. In a one-on-one moment, we should tell them we are praying for them and what scripture we are using .... in hopes that the verse will become meaningful to them.
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