Sunday, January 20, 2013


Voice any negative opinion about the homosexual agenda and you will be labeled as being homophobic and  you hate gays.

Practicing Catholics do not fear or hate homosexuals.  Our faith holds we are all children of the same God and called to love one another.

However we believe in a final judgment, resulting in either an eternity of joy or one of suffering.  Holding these beliefs, what should our response be when someone we care about is engaging in conduct that could endanger  his or her soul?  The question is not limited to homosexuals.  It is a challenge to people of faith when those they love are engaged in cohabiting, adultery, dishonesty, abortion or stopping the practice of their faith.  Do we try to dissuade him or her from what they are doing or ignore it to avoid confrontation? By ignoring it and allowing it to continue are we not offering a silent approval?  Then our own conscience is challenged, are we condoning sinful conduct and perhaps putting the soul of someone we love at risk of eternal punishment.

We can hate the sin and love the sinner, fear what the sin can cause, not the person. We can judge an act as being  sinful but never that a person is culpable or guilty of sin in the eyes of God.  Only God determines guilt or innocence and  reward or punishment.

Yours in Christ   John Moreno 

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