Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pro-life fiction for every age group

Do you need new ideas for immersing yourself in the culture of life? You and your family can enjoy fiction that promotes the value of every human being. Here are four books  I particularly recommend. Two focus on the beginning of life, two on the sick and disabled.

All ages: Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman

Angel in the Waters
I used this book to announce my last 2 pregnancies to our boys.

Beautiful illustrations by Ben Hatke accompany Doman's lyrical text about a baby in utero and his guardian angel. Echoes of the creation story and John's Gospel delight the ear. "In the beginning, I was," the story starts. And later, "Sometimes it was dark, and sometimes it was less dark." (See the parallel with Genesis 1?)

The story details a conversation between the baby and the angel that continues into infancy. The baby complains that the world outside the womb is too big and cold. His angel replies, "It is very big, but you will grow big. It will feel better and warmer when you are bigger. But there is another, bigger world outside this one. Someday I will take you there." This nearly repeats the words he spoke before the child's birth. The message: the child in the womb is on a journey to another world, like the rest of us.

If your children read this often enough, they may not need any other instruction to see the beauty of an unborn baby.

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I'm Connie Rossini, and I'm a homeschool mom, writer, and blogger. I believe the best way to keep our kids Catholic and to educate them in the faith is modeling prayer and virtue for them. I write a lot (about half my posts) about how you can grow closer to Christ. As a former member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCDS), I write from a Carmelite perspective.

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