Wednesday, January 16, 2013

                                               THE CREED OF THE ATHEIST

At each Sunday Mass Catholics recite the Creed, it is our statement of what we believe.  I wondered what kind of creed would an atheist recite,  It might sound something like this.
                                            I believe there was and is no creator or God
                                            All that we see and are happened by chance.
                                            There is no heaven or hell.
                                             No eternal reward for being good or punishment for being bad.
                                             Death ends all consciousness forever
                                             Our loved ones who have died have been annihilated.
                                             Our hope, joy, love and goodness are for this world only,
                                             for whatever time we have.

Imagine going through life believing the creed of the atheist.  I saw a young man wearing a T shirt that had written on the back.  "It is not that life is so short, it is that we are dead for so long."  What kind of person does that produce. 

Our faith makes this life better.

Yours in Christ
John Moreno

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